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Short Stories On : Acceptance

Won't. Lose.

Even if the rain falls down.
   These cold bones
The freezing breath sweeps.
   These cold sweats
Creeping as quiet as death.
   These cold sands

Damnit why's it so painful.
This chest burning. This head aching.
Going crazy plus Crazy.
My wind-messed hair on water drops. Then suddenly..
Le wild mud puddles appeared!
With my slippers wet and muddy.

"****! My feets are dirty now thanks to you!"
"Curses and damnations on the weather!"

curses and curses and curses and curses and curses and curses and curses and curses curses and curses and curses and curses and curses and curses and curses and curses
and curses until I saw...

the old man with one leg, walking under the rain.

the old lady with legs only up to her knee.


Right there, I stand.. just- stricken.
at whom was i just cursing at REALLY?

Think. realize.

and thankfulness.

Qadr Allah wa masha Fa'al.

Just a guy. Writing away the nights..
Seeking refuge in thick comfy mushy pillowy blanket..
and whining about it.

Whatever, go. Just get through this.
To carry out my duties. I have to. We have to.
The weak me, never independent.
but always dependent.
with His help.
I won't lose.
Not this time.
Not anytime.

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The End of Internet is Near.


What's SOPA? Is it soup? A new brand of soap? or perhaps a cheap show soap opera on the television.

Pssshh. Naw. That ain't even close. This thing we have here is a problem that's recently facing the world. The Internet world A.K.A the Intarwebs. If you're an internet geek like me, you'd in the least have heard about it.

Last night(18/1), I happened to be doing some studies, researches and whatnot, when I accidentally stumbled on Wikipedia's temporary notice. If you had tried it too, you'd know that the site (english part) went down for a day.

wikipedia's awareness campaign.

Regardless, I'll just give a brief summary on it.

SOPA actually stands for Stop Online Pirating Act.
Also goes by the name PIPA, whatever.
Well, according to the news, some guy- not just some guy. An American House Judiciary Committee Chair Representative - Lamar S. Smith from the United States House of Representatives & some other people, announced this act late November last year.

"SOPA is an anti-piracy bill working its way through Congress...
that would grant content creators extraordinary power over the internet..."

It is an act of waging war against piracy pertaining to anything that is copied, or pirated. including written materials, intellectual property, counterfeit goods and in particular, music, videos and images. The whole internet's been raging about it. Even top industries, sports, music, seems like a big deal.

Some companies/websites on the anti-SOPA movements are Mozilla, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Paypal, Google, Facebook,..several game companies.. more etc2. Even teachers and educators are opposed to this act.

But not all company are against it. Some company giants to list a few, are in support of this act, such as Apple, Intel, Dell, Microsoft etc. Wow... that's definitely gonna leave a dent.

So what? Why should I care?
Well, for starters, those of you reading this, most of you are are internet users, maybe casual or heavy users. who had probably used it for studies-researches, social networking, downloads, or to just have fun reading comics (or mangas) and whatnot. And probably frequent these websites: google, wikipedia, facebook Youtube or other well-known websites.

Not exactly sure how it'll affect other countries outside the U.S, but know this, most of the top website and companies are located and centered in U.S; therefore will be subject to the act, so the law of U.S affecting those sites will affect their service, and in the end, though the changes may not be noticeable right away, the worldwide users who are frequently visit those sites would also feel some of the damages caused.

Imagine this, let's say you're on Facebook. You decided to share a great new song you just heard. Or a picture of a town, or a news article, or an inspirational quote, or a motivational video, whatever. But if those stuffs are copyrighted, you can't post it. Because any images, any citations from a copyrighted material... videos, songs or ANYTHING that's copyrighted, could be object to these laws. It'll be considered piracy to do these normal things. Goodbye freedom, goodbye internet.

In short, everyone who have access to the internet will be affected.
Your usual peaceful-happy day life, Heck, if a monkey had a Facebook account it'd be affected by it too. While its intention to protect the rights of the owners, It may be just too irrational.

A question in the rise, would this really effectively stop actual piracy?

Actual pirate websites for illegal distributions and downloads of copyrighted stuff, that was blocked and shutdown, could just be back on- under a different name. And their piracy activities go on as usual. Then what?


It would ultimately alter the life we have today.
Wonder how the rest of the years going to be?
The voting's for the bill's on 24th January. Lets hope SOPA won't get it's way.
That would suck BIGTIME. Wheew.

Those sites including Wikipedia are back on as usual. The news should be all over the internet by now.
If you want more info, just google it, to find out that SOPA is actually an act of Zalim.
Well, considering it is taking people's rights, is that really a wrong description for it?

Will this blog be taken down too, considering it also took some information from other sites?

That's all for today.



-Megaupload,, an online web-sharing website has been shut down.
-The Stop Online Piracy Act bill has been pulled (for now). Click here to read the news.
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Dah lama tak menaip. Musim exam, nak berfoya-foya tak mampu dengan masa yang terhad.

Terasa nak petik sedikit masa menulis di sini. Atau lebih tepat lagi kopi pasta daripada sebuah artikel yang saya rasa sangat bermakna untuk dibaca. Mudah-mudahan dapat memberi motivasi kepada para pembaca sekalian.


Ramai manusia yang ketika hidupnya, dia terlupa untuk merasa diri sebagai hamba. Sehinggalah akhirnya kematian datang menjemputnya, ketika itu penyesalan dengan darah mata sekalipun tidak lagi bermakna.

Mereka ini adalah manusia yang mata hatinya telah dihijab oleh Allah untuk nampak kejelasan tanda-tanda-Nya yang cerah. Kerana mereka sendiri sebelumnya telah menjauhkan diri dari landasan kebenaran. Firman Allah,

"Dan (sebaliknya) sesiapa yang berada di dunia ini (dalam keadaan) buta (mata hatinya) maka dia juga buta di akhirat dan lebih sesat lagi jalannya,"surah Al-Isra' ayat 27.


Kita selalu bertanya kepada diri dan orang lain. Kita tanya:

Minta berikan sedikit motivasi, jalan manakah yang paling dekat dengan kejayaan?

Maka saya ingin menyebut jawapan sebegini:

Kita hidup adalah untuk mencari redha Allah SWT. Maka, kejayaan kita yang sebenar adalah apabila segala sesuatu yang kita lakukan adalah untuk mendapat redha Allah SWT.

Pada saya, di sini letaknya motivasi kejayaan kita yang paling besar sebenarnya.

Motivasi yang meletakkan Tuhan sebagai batu asas akan menemui jalan kejayaan yang paling hebat, paling bermakna.

Selaklah sirah baginda nabi, lihatlah kepada para sahabat baginda, telitilah kisah hidup ulama-ulama kita yang terdahulu, yang mereka ini luar biasa bagus dan hebat sekali, kita akan dapati motivasi kejayan mereka adalah redha Sang Pencipta.


Kerana itu, saya suka untuk sampaikan kepada semua satu petua yang disebut oleh Mufti Mesir, Dr. Ali Jum'ah ketika kuliah beliau di Masjid Al-Azhar sebelum ini.

Kata beliau, setiap pagi ucapkanlah Allahu Maksudi, Wa Redha hu Matlubi (Allah tujuanku, dan redha-Nya lah yang kuharapkan).

Baca ini 7 kali setiap pagi, dan kita insyaAllah akan bergerak untuk menjadi manusia yang lebih baik hari itu.

Kata beliau lagi, pengulangan sebanyak tujuh kali ini sebagai kita memperkuatkan keinginan kita.

Penegasan bahawa kita sememangnya hidup atas tujuan menjadi hamba Allah dan dalam hidup kita, yang kita cari hanyalah redha-Nya.

Maka, pasakkan di dalam jiwa, kita adalah hamba-Nya.

"Serta keredaan dari Allah yang lebih besar kemuliaannya; (balasan) yang demikian itulah kejayaan yang besar." Surah At-Taubah ayat 72..

Dipetik dari blog Naimul Firdaus

Berbaki 2 paper sahaja
Doakan penulis mendapat keputusan yang baik.

23/1 - Anatomy
26/1 - Biochemistry
27/1 - Winter Break ;D
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Suddenly Happy


Waking up an early rise, folding blankets.
Fajr prayers calms the mind.
Brewing a nice cup of coffee.

As I stroll down the garden, alleys, the pavement.
As the birds chirping away under peaceful ambiance and sunlight.
As the winds seeps its cold breath beneath these mufflers.
Walking towards a skyscraper.

and then realizing something.

"I think it's very great. Justice."

Though its 2 days away for my own TRIAL.
also realizing that 9 jan is not just a day of justice, it is also a celebration.


Through all the crowds, choosing a battle seemed easy.

The atmosphere screamed victory,
as these hands come into possession of something.. sought after, an artefact.
"One does not simply obtain it."

a Visa.
Scumbag Exam habits.

Doing stuffs your not supposed to be doing during the exam season.
And losing interest on it right after the exam season ends.

But amazing moments, nonetheless.

ps: Happy Birthday to Zharief Afzal. a friend, and brother.
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Sudah bosan.

........dengan rupa lama blog ini.

Sudah berapa lama, hanya kekal di takuk yang sama.
pasif. tanpa perubahan.

"You, the one who's always talking about change."

"But Y U NO CHANGE look!!1!!"

So here it is, new-er look, changed to the page you're seeing right now.
Starting afresh again. This will do for the year, perhaps.


Tribute to the old, Black & white.

Thanks, mate.

2011 - 1/1/2012

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