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The Fall

Quick to be angered. Bold. Arrogant.
Close minded they are, not realizing that the truth was hidden away.
Being lied to, led to believe that they are on the cause of justice.
Their desperation amounts to craziness, all to find a slither of hope.
On the strings of a puppeteer, such is the fate of the people.

Defeated once, they crawl in the darkness, tearing away the flesh from inside.
Hatred rooted deeply inside, disguising as a friend.
They are the head, masters of the conspiracy.
Chaotic offerings, they provide the situations.
Then blame it on the one who opposes them.
 Fueling the people's anger.
The Army in their grasps, a tool for their cause. 
Anyone who goes against their way are destined to fall.
However they perceive it to be,
anti Islamic is the real name of the game.

With belief in his cause, those who supports him are isolated,
revoked of all rights. Even the rights for a prayer.
For once they were attacked in the middle of a salah, they stood and fought.
These are the strong ones, strong in will and hearts.

Trust, truth is related.
There can be no trust if there is no truth.
Let the truth see the light, only then will there be trust.

Knives in his back. Backstabs.
Allies turned against him. If they ever were, he wonders.
A leader whose power is no longer acknowledged by the people,
 is no more. However strong he struggles.
When a good man falls. He falls to betrayal.

30th June 2013. Tamarrud - Tajarrud. Egypt.

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