Monday, January 9

Suddenly Happy


Waking up an early rise, folding blankets.
Fajr prayers calms the mind.
Brewing a nice cup of coffee.

As I stroll down the garden, alleys, the pavement.
As the birds chirping away under peaceful ambiance and sunlight.
As the winds seeps its cold breath beneath these mufflers.
Walking towards a skyscraper.

and then realizing something.

"I think it's very great. Justice."

Though its 2 days away for my own TRIAL.
also realizing that 9 jan is not just a day of justice, it is also a celebration.


Through all the crowds, choosing a battle seemed easy.

The atmosphere screamed victory,
as these hands come into possession of something.. sought after, an artefact.
"One does not simply obtain it."

a Visa.
Scumbag Exam habits.

Doing stuffs your not supposed to be doing during the exam season.
And losing interest on it right after the exam season ends.

But amazing moments, nonetheless.

ps: Happy Birthday to Zharief Afzal. a friend, and brother.

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