Friday, June 1


No matter how hard you think holding a book in front of you for 20 hours a day is...

Remember that there are always people who have it harder.

How can you compare it with our brothers' hardships in Palestine? Syria. and elsewhere.

We grumble, mumble about staring at books... they are busy hiding from stray bullets. 
They're being murdered, oppressed for just wanting freedom.
Are we being murdered for studying? No, we're even rewarded for it.

They're dealing with deaths and evils. We're just dealing with books, papers and exam halls.
so when you say stuff like. studying is hard, shame on you.
It's just a matter of weeks, not a life sentence.

lek r. aku kalau nak menyirap, aku pikir balik.
'tgk buku je pon'
'bukan suruh angkat balak'
nanti dah abis exam baru puas ati.

Don't be, weak. Be strong.


The reply I got when I complained, and he answered. 
Thanks my friend for the advice. Sungguh. menikam.

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Nur Sakinah Nabilah, said...

hang dah ter-motivasi malah memotivasikan aku sebelum hang mintak semangat pun! :)

Fawwaz -Ramz said...

Haha. Aku minta semangat dr smua org. Terima kasih la sbb mnasihati insan yg lemah ini.

harherron said...

good luck exam~
angkat balak? xterangkat..

Fawwaz -Ramz said...

Jgn hampa jikalau balak tak terangkat, andai Balakong masih boleh dijejaki.
Haha. Terima kasih! Bittaufeeq juga!

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