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Weeks and The Night of Nights


You’re about to see  a guy who’s lost his mind.
A sorrowful insanity.

Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim.

It’s a quiet night. 
I’m still wide awake.. silently typing on my laptop, under a dimly lit lamp. 
while others are sound asleep. I want to get this entry off my chest before dawn breaks.

Viewing back, this will be a recount of my activities these past two weeks.


So, after the exams ended, comes the summer holidays.

you’d picture peacefulness and serenity of the mind.
The feeling of content like no other.

Like how yer freedom reaches its peak, like a bird soaring thru the limitless sky. 

Total "freedom".


Who’d thought there was still more tasks left-over.


Let’s get started.

I finished an impossible task. 
I was put in charge to handle the “transportation & musyrif” unit
 of a grand event of the first year cairo university students. 
Our X-nite, a cool abbreviation of gen X or gen 10.

Now, for me to handle such big responsibility in my lifetime.. I just couldn’t take it. 
It had caused me a great deal of stress. 
Long realizing that I’m not suited for the job, I tried my all. 
In the end, it wasn’t perfect, heck it was perfectly flawed, 
but hey anything to get the job done.

So I learned how to do some new stuff from that. 
Bling bling. 
Experience is gained not bought!

Getting the transport on track wasn’t exactly easy to do. It involved finding the right supplier, reasoning & negotiation to get the best deals for the right price, and dealing with the driver. (note that these guys don’t speak any language except arabic.) 
Alhamdulillah, I managed to do it all, but not without the help of my friends.

The event ; it went on in the most unplanned way it can get. But it finished without any casualty.

So then a post-mortem meeting was made. Hearing the comments from all committee members.. somehow, it made me feel relieved. To know that my unit wasn't the only one which went through many troubles. Everyone actually had their own problems. And while knowing that, we overcame these obstacles. It was the most satisfying feeling ever, like I’ve never felt before. 

An achievement. 

All in all, it was truly a remarkable, marvelous night.

A splendid memory worth to be cherished.


Now that everything’s out of the way, no problems. 
No exams nearing, no class, with everything’s sorted out… 
Somehow I feel empty. 
Like the world was distant, and there’s this small agony boiling inside me. 
Well actually it just means I’m bored.

Finding the cure to this boredom’s pretty hardy. Tried cooking, it took some blood n grit. Tried inter-networking, ended up cursing relentlessly at TE Data for being such rip-off as they are.

Dear TE Data, you dissapoint me.

But soon, I found the cure. I went to H7 due to some invitation to liqa’ Mahabbah aka LiMah. It was exactly what I needed. It’s called- human interaction. Magical stuff it is. I met with companions, as they’re my friends & teachers who I haven’t seen in a long time..


What’s newest.. I’m equipping myself to go on a journey, far far away, as a pilgrim, going to the holy land. That’s right, I’m going for umrah, not yet the hajj. I’ve always dreamed of going there.. to set foot on the place where the prophet Muhammad SAW once made home. The Holy Land of Makkah and Medina al-Munawwarah. Long I’ve learned the Sirah of the prophets.. I want to see with my eyes, the Masjidil Haram and Masjidil Nabawi. And performing the umrah.. it is an act of obedience to Allah the Almighty. I pray that my umrah will be a mabrur one.. that is, one blessed by Allah. InsyaAllah -Godwilling.

Oh and another story, I wouldn’t miss writing this down; I recently got a taste of an arab fist. A quick jab straight to my face. It kinda bruised my nose. Which was cool.

….And that’s that. 

See ye in 2 weeks or so. 


p/s: Enjoy these photos of "the night". Gen X Nite.
Dr Mona Sarkis & Dr Nabila Youssef

with friends
Jejaka Idaman

Soulful singing~

Rocking it

credit to these awsum photographers =)
Pewarisan takhta Ketua Batch


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Reactive Hyperemia

Reactive hyperemia:
n. Hyperemia in a part resulting from the restoration of its temporarily blocked blood flow.


March, April, May, June, and now July. 

It’s been that long ..

"Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim."

. . .

I haven’t posted in a while.

Why’s that?

I’ve no idea.

Post posts.

A post is created when there's something big going on.

And there's almost -nothing- going on around here.

Or you could say that there’s always something going on,

but I wasn't there when it happened.

There lies the problem.

5 months this time.

Oh, the lazinesss.

So… Unfortunately I found something to write about.

About something exciting.

Albeit a little boring.


It can be summarized in 3 words.

One two three.

Finished. Exam. Woooh!

. . . .
The End

… NOT quite.

Not quite, as in, I haven’t truly finished the exams. There’s a few more days lefty.

Then It’ll be the end of my end-year exams.

Though everyone’s in holiday mode already.

Not excluding me.


One last paper, the most ‘challenging’ yet. 


or Medical-English-Something.

Let’s make it sound harder with something advanced in front.



Anyway, I’ve gotten around the first year of medic school.

Medic school introduced me to..

New people, friends. Teachers.

Some newer subjects in my life.

Anatomy, Biochemistry, Histology, Physiology.

It’s quite a tough first year.

Can’t say I tried very hard.

That which I regret.

I hadn’t prepared enough.

For the exams.

And my tendency to get distracted.

During study leave,

With Scrubs S1-S3, Guitar hero and all.

And Dragon Age–

--Ok enough.

And as the old proverbs say;

 “You reap what you sow.”

There’s gonna be some consequence.

I don’t expect high results.

I might even have to do the “second round”.


But I’ll be better prepared for the second year.

It’s gonna happen.


p/s:  lately, noticed everyone’s talking about going back to the homelaaand.

& pasal kawen.


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