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2012 : The End?

Salam brothers dan sisters sekalian.

Petang tadi aku jalan-jalan dekat tepi kawasan padang berpasir kat Muqatom. padang berpasir, boleh kira padang pasir dah la. Bila kawasan banyak pasir time tu la angin suka bertiup. Oleh itu mata aku sakit akibat dimasuki pasir. Tapi takpelah sekali sekala berjalan. Sebenarnya aku ikut jaulah sekitar kaherah, bersama dengan member se-batch juga ustaz-ustaz yang semart kacak bergaya. Penat jugak lah lepas jaulah sehari suntuk. Sampai tersengguk-sengguk dalam van. Tapi banyak manfaatnye jadi syukurlah juga.

Hmm... aku ada kisah nak kongsi ni. Tak ada kaitan dengan jaulah siang tadi pun.

Suatu hari seorang sahabat aku yang non-muslim, non-egyptian bertanya kepadaku.

Friend : "Hey Ramz. Tell you what, I'm confused. Didn't we celebrate new year a few months back? But next week's supposed to be the end of 2011. Then why was there 2 new years celebration man? These guys... really... crazy Egyptians."

aku tersenyum dan ber-'facepalm' dengan penuh sopan.

....lalu aku menjawab,

Me : "Well, that's cuz we muslims got another calendar we use.. the Hijri/Lunar calendar. And most of those crazy egyptians are muslims. So, yeah. we celebrate 2 new years. One is 'Hijri' and next week's the 'Masihi'/Western calendar. That's something you'll get used to here eventually.

Friend : "Wow these guys are so greedy. Just kidding! hahaha." *hi-fives*
So.. which celebration's better?

Me: "Uhh, not sure? Yet I think the Hijri calendar has more meaning, and more accurate cuz it follows the monthly flow of the moon. But really, the only thing I liked about the Western new year celebration is the holidays. and we're not getting any here."

Friend : "Ohh. Is that so. No holidays? So, are we f***d, my friend?"

Me : "Yes, yes we are."


Camtu lah kisahnya.

Hah, tak ada apa yang nak dceritakan lagi.
Eh, tunggu kejap.

aku rasa macam ada termakan lipas semalam.

terfikir, kenapa aku masih hidup lagi?

tak kisahlah.
apa-apa pun, just nak ucapkan..

Selamat tahun baru.

Hadapilah tahun baru dengan azam dan semangat yang baru dan lebih kental.




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Fear Thy Enemy

There was once a warrior. Mighty and nimble with a blade.
Kingdoms went to war. And the warrior steps out.
In a battle between wits and guts, he stood under the sun and fought.
Drawing power from the sun, swinging his blade. Not fearing death.
It was the warrior, who killed a thousand men.
This is the stuff of legends..

Eventually a new evil arises.
This new evil brings a greater threat.

Cuz he’s cold hearted. Wicked. One that terrorizes all.
Siphoning the bravery out of your heart.

Sucking the soul out of you.
 And takes away all happiness.

He casts fear on you when you are broken.
Freezing your heart in fear. To even go to the waters.

He spells procrastination on you where you stand.
 To stand between you and your mission.

He sends you back to the lurking darkness of your cave.
 where you wouldn’t dare come out anymore.

He’s a cruel enemy.




Days will pass by. The seasons would come and go.
But will it stay, the warrior within you?

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Assalamualaikum. Hello. 
Here I come, bearing good news. 
What in the world, good news in the middle of the night? Well what is it about? 

I'm glad to say that I'm... selected

Alhamdulillah. Thank God! 
Right guys, we're officially in business!

Here's hoping that it will all go well. Starting slowly, but surely. I'm gonna make me some masterpiece. Wishing within the depths of my heart, that I could become a pro someday. Yeahhhh! (I meant insyaAllah.)


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It’s so hard to explain
قد يصعب عليّ أن أعبر
What I’m feeling
عمّا يختلج في قلبي
But I guess it’s ok
لكن اعتقادي
Cause I’ll keep believing
ينبع من إيماني

There’s something deep inside
هناك شيء في الأعماق

Something that's calling
It’s calling you and I
يناديني ويناديك
It’s taking us up high
يرتقي بنا إلى الأعلى
Healing, a simple act of kindness brings such meaning
الشفاء … قد يتجسّد في عمل بسيط لطيف
A smile can change a life let’s start believing
بسمة قد تغير حياة الإنسان
And feeling, let’s start healing
فلنبدأ بعمل يكون فيه شفاء
Heal and you will be healed
شفاء بشفاء .. ومع كل شفاء شفاء
Break every border
اكسر القيود والحدود
Give and you will receive
اعط تُعطى .. فالعطاء يوجب عطاء
It’s Nature’s order
نظام كوني رباني
There is a hidden force
هناك قوى خفية
Pulling us closer
تجذب بعضنا لبعض
It’s pulling you and I
تجذبني أنا وأنت
It’s pulling us up high
تجذبنا للأعلى
Healing, a simple act of kindness brings such meaning
الشفاء … قد يتجسّد في عمل بسيط لطيف
A Smile can change a life let’s start believing
بسمة قد تغير حياة الإنسان
And feeling, let’s start healing
فلنبدأ بعمل يكون فيه شفاء
Hearts in the hand of another heart and in God’s hand are all hearts
قلب بين يدي قلب و بيد الله كل قلب
An eye takes care of another eye and from God’s eye nothing hides
عين ترعى عينا .. وعين الله ترعى، و لا شيء عنه يخفى
Seek only to give and you’ll receive
إسع نحوالعطاء… و ستلقى و تعطى
So, heal and you will be healed
إشف.. و سوف تشفى
OUTRO (x2):
قلب بين يدي قلب و بيد الله كل قلب
عين ترعى عينا، وعين الله ترعى
كلمة طيبة صدقة
تبسمك لأخيك صدقه
كل معروف صدقة
اللهم اشف شفاءً لا يغادر سقماً
Song Name: “Healing”
Written and Produced: Sami Yusuf
Lyrics co-written: Dr. Walid Fataihi
Mixed and Mastered at Andante Studios

I've been listening to this because a
 Syrian friend of mine suggested it to me. 
Said he saw the photoshoot for this video at the Hospital of International Medical Center. (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.) That's very cool if you ask me. Hope you guys enjoyed it. =)

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