Friday, December 30

Fear Thy Enemy

There was once a warrior. Mighty and nimble with a blade.
Kingdoms went to war. And the warrior steps out.
In a battle between wits and guts, he stood under the sun and fought.
Drawing power from the sun, swinging his blade. Not fearing death.
It was the warrior, who killed a thousand men.
This is the stuff of legends..

Eventually a new evil arises.
This new evil brings a greater threat.

Cuz he’s cold hearted. Wicked. One that terrorizes all.
Siphoning the bravery out of your heart.

Sucking the soul out of you.
 And takes away all happiness.

He casts fear on you when you are broken.
Freezing your heart in fear. To even go to the waters.

He spells procrastination on you where you stand.
 To stand between you and your mission.

He sends you back to the lurking darkness of your cave.
 where you wouldn’t dare come out anymore.

He’s a cruel enemy.




Days will pass by. The seasons would come and go.
But will it stay, the warrior within you?

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