Thursday, September 22

On this day, one year later

On this day, one year later.

Blessed by this meeting. We came together, and we'll leave together.

The perfect time to reflect on ourselves. What we've achieved,
so the mind realizes. 

Moga terus thabat dlm perjuangan ini. InsyaAllah.

Does this ring any bell?
Yes I posted this on facebook, earlier this week through my mobile. It seemed fitting for the occasion.

20 september 2010, the fateful day. The date of my arrival in this 'forsaken' land.

Oh, mixed feelings came to mind back then. Happy and sad, excitement and sorrow.
Remembering the earlier days. Medic students arriving for the first time in the quest for knowledge.
-Living with lots of different people. Different places. From Malaysia, to Egypt. From Hayyu sabi3, to Hayyu 3asyir, sayyeda zeinab. Malek el Soleh. Cairo University. Jeddah (to Malaysia, then Egypt again), and even Makkah n Medinah.
-Moving out here and there. Walking along ‘the road’ with eyes wide open. There was meeting and there was farewell. And there it was, loneliness. All of this events and chances collected a fond memory for me.


So, we were there back then, we’re still here.


This means the period of my stay in Egypt, reaches the 1 year mark.

...Actually it still hasn’t, considering the early ‘free’ departure back to my homeland back in february, because of the 25th Jan revolution. …Well, who cares. Just consider it the to be the day to remember.

So, having grown 1 year old down the road of a traveler or 'musafir'.
What have you achieved?
Was the mission accomplished? If so, how much did I gain from it?
This is what it means to reflects on ourselves.

Do not dwell on the past, living regrets and never letting go. Instead, Learn from past mistakes and learn to accept. Forgive and forget. Something that makes us human.

I have my own regrets. But it’s time to accept it.
Qadr Allahu wa Masha Fa'al

As the age increases, so do the burden. As we grow older, so do our responsibilty.

Looking back, I’d think I have been almost carefree my entire life. Not having the slightest sense of responsibility. Now may be the time to change that.

Having living my first year here, taught me a lot of things.
To think of others first. Because selfishness is a curse.
To be thankful. Celebrating life with gratitude.
To be inspired. Passiveness kills, y’know?
To appreciate life. There is no next time, it is now or never.

So look in the mirror. What do you see?

Cat's nine lives - reflection

Tomorrow(s) is not just another day, my friend. Tomorrow(s) is the day of CHANGE.

Until then. Wassalam.


Tribute to my - Rakan-rakan seperjuangan.
We came together, we'll leave together. InsyaAllah.

Majmuah Tibb

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