Thursday, May 24

Short Story On : Honesty

One day, there was a guy. His name is... well, Guy. He was quick on his feets, skilled with hands. with cunning mind and eyes of eagles. Alas, he took everything for granted. Due to his wits, he had forsaken studies for other things. He's a lazy tard when it comes to studying.

Suddenly an examination paper was presented right in his face.
He gets on it quickly, thinking it was easy. Easy as hell. 

"Easy? but you said he didn't study man?"
"It was histology."

-then again.. how on earth would I know, he managed to get everything right.

U kidding me?

OK, back to the story.
Cuz he was sitting in the posterior lane, he waits for the doctor to pick up his papers patiently once he finished, while rechecking his answers.

Then two guys who finished early, walked towards the door as if leaving, but they stayed. They greeted Guy and glanced-looked at his paper.

"Hey, you didn't send it yet? Let's check it." said one guy.
"Uhh.. please don't."

The guy took it anyway.

"Nice, you got it all correct. Wait, Hey- this one, isn't the answer C?"
"Yeah, it's definitely C. Tab'an." said the other guy.

Guy thinks.
(what the? The answer D seemed right. But then, ..C is related too, they could be right. aww heck!)
He didn't study that part, so it was just a guess originally.

"Change it-change it quick, before the doctor comes!"
"Sh-Shure.. ok, thanks guys."

The two guys, smiled and walked away.
Then the doctor picked Guy's paper. Thus, the exam ends.

So now Guy sits alone. Heads-down, thinking.
"dafuq I did?"
His realization came late.

Looking at front, he saw the two guys, who was standing at the door in front. The one guy was waving his arm, with an expression he couldn't recognize. His friend smiling innocently beside him, almost grinning.

"Heyy, thanks-"

They left through the front door before he got a chance to stand up.

"Oh well, let's go home."

After praying zuhr at the mosque, his mind wanders about the help he got.
he grabbed his bag and scruffed out his book.
-Histology 2nd Year.

......what. Ya Rabb.

The answer was D.
Not sure if the two guys were dumb, or they just made a fool out of him.
At that exact moment, he realized what the face the other guy made earlier.

It was this face.


Moral of the story
- Be smart by being who you are , don't be dumb for being who you're not.
- Cheaters get burned :))
- I like cheeseburgers.
- I made the story up.


2 notes:

Anonymous said...

Sure the answer is not D?

Fawwaz -Ramz said...

Wow, i blew the story. Ok Fixed! Thank you!

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