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The Going of a Revolution

Its been a while. I suddenly got the urge to write up about things that have happened these past few months. Since I actually have -something- to write about. Stuff you may've heard across the news. Seems like lots have changed since i've left my country. This is a recount of my journey through the land of egypt, after 4 months.

Some out of many memorable moments. To list all is almost impossible.

-jaulah sekitar Mesir
-kuliah days.
-Eidul Adha.
-pindah - H7 ke Abou Rish
-my birthday.
-dreaded mid-year exam.
-and a winter break gone wrong. Really, really wrong.

This was my experience watching egypt's rise to turmoil. It all started during the end of the month of january. I was still facing the first of challenges in university life, the mid-year exam. It was tuesday night, 25th of Jan 2011 and I've just went through my 3rd paper. People had posted news of muzaharat on facebook walls that night. My impression was like- cool, demonstration at Tahrir. But that was before vids of gunshot witnessings were posted.

Then an arab friend invited me to a group on facebook. Stated there was, friday would be the date when they'd hold another large muzoharat (demonstration). time ni awal2 lagi. Layaan je la walaupun tak phm sangat.

Walking to the university thursday morning, I didn't notice anything different. I sat for my last paper in peace then went to Hayyu 'asyir- H10 (10th district) promptly that evening to settle some unfinished business, then straight to H7 - rumah selangor. Things still look as they would usually, no demonstation anywhere yet. Things were peaceful enough for me to hang out with friends over a late dinner at Pizza Master's – Awal 'Abbas. Catch up, tahu perkembangan2 semua. Cuz It's been at least a month last I've been to H7. And since midyear exam is over, it marks the start of winter break! Or so I thought.

27th Jan after friday prayer, I witnessed by my own eyes, groups of people marching along the streets. These people were expressing their anger and sorrow by protesting, shouting words I don't really understand. Subhanallah. This at H7, and I didn't stay there long. I was ready to go home when I took a ride on a tramco to my next location.

Demerdash metro station. Not quite, the tramco was stopped by the police before even there at Jamek el-Nur. Large groups of people, or parades as I'd call it, can be seen heading towards the metro station. This demonstration was larger scaled, as it happened in the city area. Its said that people should be careful to take photos of stuffs in egypt, for fear that police will catch those doing so. I say what the hell, everyone there was holding up their phones in 'photoshoot mode' at the time. So I took out my phone then captured videos and photos as I came across things.

the scene : Demerdash Station.
Waves after waves. It seems like theres no end to these mobs. They shouted to the spectators on windows and jejantas who only sat by and watched, "entum misri walla eh?" Are you all egyptian or what? Then came the tanks. It struck me then, if theres any revolution happening in egypt, I was witnessing it then.

Sayeda Zeinab, Abou Rish a.k.a belakang umah.
Mobs, everywhere. People were shouting "inzil-inzil mobarak" 'down with mobarak'. I went as far down the road to Jamek Sayeda Zeinab and tasted the salty, wicked, sensation of smoke bombs & tear gas. Rasa macam pedih potong, darabkan tu dengan 27. Pedih gila kau.

Smoke grenades, tear gas shells. 
the scene : Abou Rish
Clearly the sound of gunfire could be heard. Though they were non-lethal, the pain was surreal; my friend got hit by one in the leg. Sakit sangat sampai takleh bangun, tapi kesannya tak lama. Syukur dia okey. Its the kind of gun that the bullet would spread, splits up into tiny fragments when fired.

Buildings, balai syurtoh, were burnt down. Vehicles destroyed. I saw people trying to topple a truck down. When it didn't work, they resorted to burning it instead. My home was on the 11th floor, I lived with 6 other housemates. I went up riding the elevator only to find that the internet wasn't working no more. Fi internet? La'-ah.. musy syaghal. =(

Houses, buildings on fire.
Rumors-rumors. Malaysian's been robbed, raped, died etc. those are some of the rumours I've heard back then. Nauzubillah. How horrible if it was true. I've heard that way back, before the first muzaharat, searches for IM people had been going on, one of my contacts reported he was asked by an SB mabahis. These spies had been actively asking malaysians whether they'd joined with IM or not. Who knows what'd happen if one was caught. Because of the circumstances back then, we'd believe anything we hear. Whether true or not, who knows. 

On the 29th though, me & friends went to Dream Park, a theme park in 6th October (name tempat). Great fun. Four or five different thrilling rides, screamed & shouted as loud as I could, lol. We'd plan to go there even before the mid-year exam. Unfortunately the park got closed early that day, 2pm as supposed to the usual 5pm. That was the time we first knew about the restrict order-perintah berkurung. We weren't really that wary about the state Egypt was currently in then, so we were like- wth? The attendant informed us that we'd be caught if we're on the street during the restriction order. Visa pun dah mati mase ni. Mmg bagus. Zzz.. Everyone rushed home then. Looking back, wow, I can't believe we did all that with all the commotion going on then. Hilarious I'd say, and kinda dumb. But it was experience nonetheless, and that's what counts.

Dream Park roller coaster!!
Restriction order. Daily activities thwarted. Chaotic nights. Food's effected slightly. At a time supposedly to be our winter break. You couldn't be outside after 5pm. Robbers are out there, breaking in shops and premises. Great. We only went out during the day to buy food and supplies. I discovered how boring it can be to stay indoors all the time. But a new feature was available. Mob watching, that is watching the chaos below from our 11-storey tower. My area wasn't what you'd call safe during the nights. Street fights, more like mob wars on the street. It's scary how shiny their knives and machetes were when watched from way above. Every guy had a weapon, knives, stick+nails, bottles, chairs even guns.

Watching mobs throwing flaming bottles/molotov cocktails to each other. Though, much as exciting as that was, we weren't sure what we're watching. Whats going on? I mean why are the people fighting each other? hurting each other? Everything seems so messed up. We don't have TV nor do we have the internet. We lost the phone network for several days during the early phase. We were literally cut off from any news. Later it became known that these fights were between the pro-change & pro-muborak faction. These people were desperate for change. For 30 years they've been under the rule of dictatorship. Life is hard, for them. We should be grateful just knowing the fact that we live in a more peaceful country.

Then came the tanks.
Evacuating Egypt. Darn. Feel like the longest-boring period of my life. I don't even wanna mention it. Okay in short, patience was tested to the limits. Cairo-Jeddah transition took like 31 hours. We got the chance to ride the C-130 Charlie of the RMAF. 3 hours flight. Mcm sardin, heh. Alrite. Next, Markaz Tabung Haji, we're placed in the furthest, highest block one could find here, where theres lack of water. Flight token numbered by the 6 thousandth. Hmm... seems we get the short end of the stick everytime. (when compared to other ppl). Things could've gone better.

I was in Jeddah when I wrote this entry cuz I didn't have anything better to do. Patiently waiting till the end. My job is, makan & tido. Did I mention that the food here is great? I'm gonna have some weight issues after this. All in all, I was stranded there in Markaz Madinatul Hujjaj, for no less than a week.

11th Feb, the focus suddenly shifted to something else. When it was announced that Murtabak actually stepped down from the governance dept, everyone was suprised.. or atleast I was. The days of rage were over. The people's demand for the regime to step down. Guess everyone's prayers finally got through. I'm very blessed indeed to have witnessed such a glorious phenomenon. A revolution that will change the history of a nation. Egyptians that had sacrificed their lives on the road of Jihad, Rabbina maakum. You've the right to be proud! Together we pray that this revolution would give rise to a new Islamic nation, and inspire other country to follow suit. InsyaAllah. Later on, it will be dubbed the famous 25th January Revolution, the date when it all started. This date will forever be inscribed as an epic historical event for Egypt and the story will be passed on to the next generation.

Finally hearing the announcement we'd been waiting for, our turns are up. The next day, flight MAS – B747 was ready. It was time to say goodbye to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A flight direct to KLIA was waiting for us.

Returning home ticket!!

Well that's all for now.

I advance my sincere apology if some find this post to be untrue or unjust. These are just the things that had occured through my untrained perspective, things I've chanced upon and experienced.

N.B : Murtabak / Muborak - bukan nama sebenar.

Now, I've come home, kembali ke tanah air. A bit too early methinks. Will be staying here for about 1 month if not more. This has been a great journey for me. And this wont be the end, for sure. Jika tiada aral melintang, kita bertemu kembali wahai sang ardhu kinanah. InsyaAllah. Wallahua'lam.

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