Saturday, July 9

Reactive Hyperemia

Reactive hyperemia:
n. Hyperemia in a part resulting from the restoration of its temporarily blocked blood flow.


March, April, May, June, and now July. 

It’s been that long ..

"Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim."

. . .

I haven’t posted in a while.

Why’s that?

I’ve no idea.

Post posts.

A post is created when there's something big going on.

And there's almost -nothing- going on around here.

Or you could say that there’s always something going on,

but I wasn't there when it happened.

There lies the problem.

5 months this time.

Oh, the lazinesss.

So… Unfortunately I found something to write about.

About something exciting.

Albeit a little boring.


It can be summarized in 3 words.

One two three.

Finished. Exam. Woooh!

. . . .
The End

… NOT quite.

Not quite, as in, I haven’t truly finished the exams. There’s a few more days lefty.

Then It’ll be the end of my end-year exams.

Though everyone’s in holiday mode already.

Not excluding me.


One last paper, the most ‘challenging’ yet. 


or Medical-English-Something.

Let’s make it sound harder with something advanced in front.



Anyway, I’ve gotten around the first year of medic school.

Medic school introduced me to..

New people, friends. Teachers.

Some newer subjects in my life.

Anatomy, Biochemistry, Histology, Physiology.

It’s quite a tough first year.

Can’t say I tried very hard.

That which I regret.

I hadn’t prepared enough.

For the exams.

And my tendency to get distracted.

During study leave,

With Scrubs S1-S3, Guitar hero and all.

And Dragon Age–

--Ok enough.

And as the old proverbs say;

 “You reap what you sow.”

There’s gonna be some consequence.

I don’t expect high results.

I might even have to do the “second round”.


But I’ll be better prepared for the second year.

It’s gonna happen.


p/s:  lately, noticed everyone’s talking about going back to the homelaaand.

& pasal kawen.


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