Sunday, April 15


Some secrets are fun if shared.
It can be redeeming or just a plain enjoyment to do so.
While some, it's wiser to just keep it to yourself.

Sometimes I just like to put on my earphones without playing anything.
Just having it in my ears, listening to deafened sounds.
but that's not a secret. Is it?

People shouldn't talk however they like, without restraints. Especially when other people are around. Even if the person next to ya is wearing an oversized headphone. #DRDRE

Bukan diriku.

Go on, keep on telling you and your friend's secrets.
Keep badmouthing, blasting it all away of your heart's content at those who had pissed you off.
About the guy/girl who told you off at lunch? or the jerk who broke your new pair of scissors? Whatever.

Just because I'm on my earphones.
......I could hear you. Though I didn't wish it.
You'd prefer for everyone to know all your secrets. Your grudges. Crushes.

"Explain what you must, but never give away all of your secrets. Those who freely publicize the secrets of their hearts drag themselves and their nation toward an inevitable downfall."

What, you asking bout me? Myself, I don't reveal myself to anyone. fullstop.
..... and that's a bad thing too.

Just some friendly words. Not directed at anyone. :)


2 notes:

harherron said...

bagitahu orang lain apa yang mereka patut tahu.. but not the bad one, i agree..

Fawwaz -Ramz said...

thank you :)

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