Sunday, October 30

Of Partings and Meetings

Goodbye, my friend. Ye have served well. Thank you for accompanying me for the last two years. Nothing could’ve replaced you, you’re the best partner ever. 
May you rest in peace..

My friend. I won’t say goodbye. Let not this separation be the ending for us, as our friendship would last forever. We’ll definitely see each other again, that’s the promise. 
Live well on the other side..

Dear old friends, How's it been? It’s so nice to see you guys again. What can I say, I’ve really missed you guys, brothers. Now that you've rejoined us once more, lets aim for the top, together..

Hey, it’s been a while. You’ve never really looked better than this. Glad to see you fixed up. Man, it’s good to have you back with us in top condition. Serve us once again, buddy..

..Chances that could happen one day.

Note : 
One - my phone
Two - Azharian friend
Three - Schoolmates
Four - i forgot

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